18- Super Punch Ash-Ash


  • Inspired by the much beloved fan favorite comic, Chibi Essence
  • Inconceivably detailed with authentic likeness from the popular comic book
  • Made of polystone each bobblehead is also accurately scaled with its companions
  • A must have collector piece for any Chibi Essence fan

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#18-Super-Punch Ash Ash

Campfire Essence

   Rebellious, courageous, sociable, unpredictable, impulsive, vivacious, with a large ego, but with a heart to match it.

He can be very enthusiastic, optimistic, vain, and restless. He was born out of a campfire, where people were roasting marshmallows. When he came to life, his first action was to eat the marshmallow- Ash Ash then went on to giving his first critique of the overly roasted marshmallow.

For more information on Ash-Ash, please visit chibiessence.com

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