148-Chi-Bella Series 3


  • Inspired by the much beloved fan favorite comic, Chibi Essence
  • Inconceivably detailed with authentic likeness from the popular comic book
  • Made of polystone each bobblehead is also accurately scaled with its companions
  • A must have collector piece for any Chibi Essence fan




Mushroom Essence

Fashion Designer

   Very fashionable, well mannered, kind, sensitive, elegant, a huge foodie, thoughtful, and happy go lucky.
Chi-Bella is the essence of a mushroom. She is conservative but very fashionable and attractive. She is not flashy but is usually neatly dressed. Style and personal appearance are important but she also has a flair for design and decorating. She can be very talkative at times and very aloof at other times. She will not share much on what she is secretly thinking. Chi-Bella is very passive in speech because she likes to stay away from confrontation. She is a bit of a hypochondriac. She will suddenly feel ill at a moment’s notice. She is often emotional and sentimental and can be easily hurt by criticism. Chi-Bella is a good listener, kind and sweet by nature. She also likes to surround herself with beautiful things. She is also cautious by nature and rarely does she ever make a move or jump into a new situation without first carefully considering all her options.
Chi-Bella is a foodie. She enjoys all sorts of exotic cuisine. She has a habit of stealing Fire-Top’s latest food creations. Chi-Bella has a special memory in which she can remember all of Kibuclu’s allegories if there happens to be food in the stories. Chi-Bella can also be seen trying to get the other Chibi Essence to try on her latest fashion craft out of nature’s fabrics.

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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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