149-Chibi-Kaze Series 3


Spring Breeze Essence

    Free-spirited, clever, strong-willed, flexible, charming, inborn superiority complex, song writer, whimsical, musician.
She is very competitive and loves to compete with the male Chibi Essence, and is a sort of tomboy. But what makes Chibi-Kaze unique is that she is constantly moving. You will never see Chibi-Kaze being sedentary, and she is the only Chibi Essence that cannot sleep. The world needs her winds to carry pollen from plant to plant so they can reproduce, and her winds also provide humans with a constant amount of oxygen. Chibi-Kaze and Splash Fun share a love that is true and pure. Their love transcends the natural barrier between water and air. They always make an effort to send daily reminders that they love each other. She can be seen gliding through the air composing songs, while playing on her air guitar. What new love melody will she create today for Splash Fun?

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