153-Vyva Series 3


  • Inspired by the much beloved fan favorite comic, Chibi Essence
  • Inconceivably detailed with authentic likeness from the popular comic book
  • Made of polystone each bobblehead is also accurately scaled with its companions
  • A must have collector piece for any Chibi Essence fan


Lotus Flower Essence

    Beautiful yet self-absorbent, kind and soft spoken but sometimes loud and irritable, easy going on the surface but other times demanding and a bit of a perfectionist
Vyva loves to paint and is the Chibi Essence’s doctor. She is caring and loves to tend to all the nature spirits’ injuries. She can be a very self-absorbed Chibi Essence who can be found talking about herself from time to time, oblivious of what is around her. She constantly worries about her appearance and is never satisfied. She is known as a perfectionist and a neat freak. On the other hand, Vyva is also surprisingly strong. Sometimes, Vyva doesn’t know her own strength. She is also embarrassed to show her physical power, and instead tries to accentuate her more feminine qualities, mostly her looks. Vyva loves to take control of situations, and often takes over conversations. She tries to hide her brutish strength and control freak nature with her feminine exterior, but in the end, she cannot help but reveal what she truly is: a powerful, controlling Chibi Essence.

Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 2.5 × 2.5 in


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