GID El Luchador PFF 18 Exclusive


    • Inspired by the much beloved fan favorite comic, Chibi Muerte
    • Hand painted detail by our crafty artist
    • Sealed with a final gloss coating to protect the paint and give the final figure a more tough surface.
    • Inconceivably detailed with authentic likeness from the popular comic book
    • Made of polystone each collectible is also accurately scaled with its companions
    • A must have collector piece for any Chibi Muerte fan
    • stylized collectible stands 3 ¾ inches tall, perfect for any Chibi Muerte Fan!
    • Collect and display all The Chibi Muerte figures!

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Available While Supplies last!
Phoenix Fan Fest 2018
Limited amount available.

Based of the Iconic figure, El Luchador, was inspired by El Santo, a famous Mexican wrestler who was also seen as a hero.

El Luchador was a local news reporter working on a story on some kidnapped girls. He came upon a lake and saw a glowing silver mask that floated from the lake into the air towards him. Instinct had taken over him, he grab the mask and put it over his head. He felt a rush of power and heard a whisper from the lake that said, “El Luchador, you are the one and future El Luchador(The Wrestler)”. El Luchador, now with X-Ray vision, saw the kidnapped girls in a cabin beyond the forest. As he ran to their location, he realized he now had superhuman speed. When he entered the cabin, the kidnappers attacked him, and he easily knock them out with superhuman strength. El Luchador rescued the young girls and delivered them to the police station. From that day forward, he vowed never to take the mask off. He lived a long heroic life until he broke his vow and took his magical mask off. The next day the mask disappeared, and he passed into the afterlife. He then entered the Eternal Realm with his magical mask reappearing over his head. The adventures continue…..


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