Splash-Fun Series 3 PFF Solid


  • Inspired by the much beloved fan favorite comic, Chibi Essence
  • Inconceivably detailed with authentic likeness from the popular comic book
  • Made of polystone each bobblehead is also accurately scaled with its companions
  • A must have collector piece for any Chibi Essence fan

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Raindrop Essence
Fun Expert

    Full of passion, power, daring to understand all that life has to offer. He is unpredictable, vivacious, impulsive, restless and reckless, a romantic, vibrant, and charismatic.
Splash Fun was born of the Raindrop Essence. He is the inseparable soul mate of Chibi-Kaze. Together they create rain thanks to the fusion of their oppositely charged souls. Splash Fun has a bubbly nature and is almost always cheerful and upbeat. He dances everywhere he goes, and sings every chance he gets, although his voice is terrible! Splash Fun has lived his whole life without sorrow, always joy. Until one day he fell in love with Chibi-Kaze, and he finds out they cannot be together because of Chibi-Kaze’s breezy nature, he cannot kiss or hug or even hold her hand. The feeling of sorrow is so alien to him he believes he is going to die, until Chibi-Kaze helps him understand what sorrow is. Splash Fun and Chibi-Kaze will love each other from afar and will eventually find a way to connect. Until that day, Splash Fun makes it his goal to bring smiles and laughs to all who are around him.

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